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The Grand National Quilt Show

Postcard Greetings!

The Grand National Quilt Show is on the move. 2009 was a year of transition and the Joseph Schneider Haus hosted a smaller Grand National Quilt Show featuring fabulous postcard quilt art. Quilters were invited to send along special postcards to wish their favourite quilt show good luck with creative, quilted greetings in fabric. A viewer's choice sponsored by Janome Canada was awarded to Jill Buckley for her postcard depicting the Joseph Schneider Haus. Jill's postcard is also among the 12 entries (our Terrific Twelve) that were chosen to be included in a printed postcard booklet.

To purchase postcard booklets with images of our Terrific Twelve, contact the Joseph Schneider Haus at 519-742-7752 or click here to visit the JSH website.

To view our Terrific Twelve click the image of the Viewers' Choice below.


Click here to read about the opening reception and exhibit on the blog of one of our Terrific twelve artists, Jill Buckley.

Click here for the article in The Record.


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